CDM | Centre for Disaster Management (Haryana Institute of Public Administration)

About CDM

Building Capacities for Disaster Resilient Haryana

The Natural Disaster Management Division of the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation (DAC) had approved schemes to assist the State Government to induct a faculty member in the selected state level training institute with the view to build up training capability to deal with disaster management. Initially, during financial year 1994-95 DAC, funded a faculty position and support pay allowance for a Faculty member, a research /technical officer and a stenographer and asked Haryana state ATI i.e. HIPA to institutionalize the same. With this, Centre for Disaster Management was created w.e.f. 01st July 1994 in Haryana Institute of Public Administration under Central Sectoral Scheme of the Natural Disaster Management Division of Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India with an aim to build training and research capability within the State level institution. Since then CDM- HIPA is been involved in various trainings and capacity building activities of the state. It has developed various modules for natural disaster, man- made disasters, specialized activities that laid the foundation of proactive approach of disaster management planning and mitigation. Presently, CDM is providing specialized training in about 50 fields and completed 2 projects under capacity building fund.